Masters of Mixed Martial Arts Nat Geo part 5

| July 8, 2010

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  1. comedianhost says:

    Thanks tommmy1d!

  2. OneLoveSanDiego says:

    i loved em’ man, all five of them. thx dude..keep em comin.. =]

  3. itv911 says:

    Dean lister is a beast

  4. Atrayne1989 says:

    lol no shit, tito is a talker and i can’t stand talkers in this sport, it’s the guys who smile, have fun and are actually disciplined who become legends. Like Couture and Rutten, they’re truly great.

  5. trevorhirby says:

    I hate Tito, hes to cocky.
    But Bas Ruttan was amazing lol

  6. richboy13387 says:

    whos gonna take MMA advises from a guy that cant spell muay thai?

  7. richboy13387 says:

    if you say so.

  8. ahset says:

    That lactic acid part was straight up bullshit. This looks like a press release to promote MMA.

  9. Trac3Bundy says:

    I do taekwondo but i dont think i like it so much. I reli wanna try mma and this vid makes me wanna start duin it even more!

  10. wolverinerulez says:

    bruce lee would fuck them all up

  11. iSambam says:

    great video mate. thanks.

  12. princeofability says:

    Great show!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 5T0RML0RD says:

    ah… will have to say this: mma as a fighting style will work against people that don’t do martial arts themselves. But other than that it’s shit, the only thing that makes it look good is how beastly those mma fighters are, look at them! They are supermen.

  14. Skydance1110 says:

    Lol. Wow, that was an truly impressive show, though it works amazingly like an advert. XD Thanks for the upload! ^_^

  15. smashbrawl170 says:

    Start now. If your high school has a wrestling team that’s a perfect start.

    kick boxing/muay-tai training can wait a bit. if you still want to get serious about it after high school, start kick boxing/muay tai then and get into a mixed martial arts gym where you can start to put your skills together. but you should start working your body and mind right now in at least wrestling and jui-jitsu… even judo, whatever is available to you.

  16. tommmy1d says:

    no worries man

  17. tommmy1d says:

    good go and start now 🙂

  18. GaryLeeProduction says:

    makes me wanna try out mma

  19. usthadh007 says:

    thnx Tommy for one of the most amazing videoz i`ve seen…

  20. marineguy4eva says:

    That is why I have been saying that today’s top MMA fighters are not just the top non weapon fighters in the world, but also the top fighters in all of history of mankind.

  21. danpanda956 says:

    i have a question i am 16 and would like to learn martial arts is it too late i mean in this vids it said that mma fighters have to hit objects and things like that to become less vulnerable to injurys so i am guessing being 6 yrs old isnt really good to start witht that most likely just the techniques but i guess does anybody know whats a good age??

  22. fenrirsget says:

    Actually…I have watched UFC. Frequently. I know that the UFC uses an octagon. Look at the overhead shot in this video at 5:45. It’s CLEARLY a hexagon. Lazy/inattentive computer artists fail.

  23. lfcroblfcgetbettied says:

    its a fucking octagon are u retarded.. youv obviously never watched ufc have u u tools, eight sided shape – octagon.

  24. xPRiiCeYxRFCx says:


  25. London2ATL says:

    Thanks again….enjoyed this a whole lot.