Mirko Filipovic Crocop Documentary – Part 1

| April 15, 2010

Mirko Filipović (born on September 10, 1974), often billed as Mirko Cro Cop, is a Croatian law enforcement officer turned kickboxer and mixed martial artist (MMA). He is also a former member (2003 – 2007) of Croatian Parliament. His nickname, short for “Croatian Cop”, comes from his membership in the most elite Croatian police’s Anti-Terrorist Unit ATJ Lučko. Filipović has been successful in both K-1 and PRIDE Fighting Championships. On September 10, 2006, he won the PRIDE 2006 Open Weight Grand Prix, and in 2007 began fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Filipović is famous for his left high kicks, with which he has knocked out many of his opponents. Mixed martial arts record: Wins24 By knockout17 By submission4 Losses6 Draws2 No contests1 Kickboxing record: Total23 Wins16 By knockout11 Losses7 By knockout4

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  1. pfloyd1987 says:

    He is terrific and legendary ,respectable man,and great fighter..Btw ..I am Serbian as well ..

  2. KLlllllaick says:

    What track is it in the beginning?

  3. dusanzdr says:

    Mirko Care, Srbija je uz tebe!!!

  4. qzer says:

    pride or die!

  5. gibssone says:

    Koji je onaj komad na 0:57??

  6. cdizzzzle says:

    Cro Cop is mah boy


    privalka huh? crazy i was born in a place called primalka in russia sounds the same.

  8. cetnik03 says:

    I dont care that he is croatian, im serbian, and i must admit this man is fuckin legend, every serb can respect this man greetings from serbia!

  9. MikeTysonEatsKids says:


    bojai hu yu tu amam gu yui shiiivika

  10. 123puta3 says:

    knjaz je najduhovitij covjek

  11. iLuvHardStyle says:

    without inappropriate comments please!

  12. domagoj981 says:


  13. vladimir1187 says:

    only croatian who Y love,:)big man big faghter,greeting from serbia

  14. vladimir1187 says:

    Kakva legenda od coveka:),greeting from serbia

  15. CplNichols says:

    I fucking love understanding my language, I LOVE BEING FROM CROATIA!!! BEST PLACE EVER! HRVATSKAA!

  16. xxaxxtoni says:


  17. KrSkO4791 says:


  18. WypacirNiweha says:

    I saw a lovely girl just like this at tiny(dot)cc/mygfsucksyou

  19. gravljanin says:

    Svaka cast Mirku stvarno je covek ljudina… Pozdrav iz Srbije!!!

  20. mophoplz says:

    speaks so fast that i had to rewind a few times to catch the subs, geez

  21. XIPM3 says:

    you cant be a good athlete without vegetables- what the fuck? doesnt like sex? whats wrong with this guy?

  22. niclashbg says:

    great documentary, but the WORST translation-text ever. I cant read that fast.

  23. jorshik says:

    Omg hes so cool

  24. JackJames4444 says:

    Somebody asked why he trained so hard, I think I can understand a little from what he said about his job in the sawmill. I started lifting weights and working out like crazy when I became a welder, it makes your job significantly easier.

  25. capcaunuu says:

    2:46 – NOTHING IMPORTANT. If it’s not important to the reporters it doesn’t mean it’s not important to the fans. Just translate what he says.