Mirko Filipovic Crocop Documentary – Part 2

| April 6, 2010

Mirko Filipović (born on September 10, 1974), often billed as Mirko Cro Cop, is a Croatian law enforcement officer turned kickboxer and mixed martial artist (MMA). He is also a former member (2003 – 2007) of Croatian Parliament. His nickname, short for “Croatian Cop”, comes from his membership in the most elite Croatian police’s Anti-Terrorist Unit ATJ Lučko. Filipović has been successful in both K-1 and PRIDE Fighting Championships. On September 10, 2006, he won the PRIDE 2006 Open Weight Grand Prix, and in 2007 began fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Filipović is famous for his left high kicks, with which he has knocked out many of his opponents. Mixed martial arts record: Wins 24 By knockout 17 By submission 4 Losses 6 Draws 2 No contests 1 Kickboxing record: Total 23 Wins 16 By knockout 11 Losses 7 By knockout 4

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  1. gravljanin says:

    Svaka cast Mirku, pravi covek i pravi sportista. Pozdrav iz Srbije…

  2. DanielSel says:

    DAMN crocop is fucking strong fast and explosive with his hands and legs!

  3. lazrprsh says:

    haha i cried during rambo 1

  4. DugoreqZozecehy says:

    I found a real slutty bitch at tiny[dot]cc/lesbian715

  5. khairuleven says:

    yeah.thats porno!ha3!

  6. AntiUmah says:

    jeste mirko je legenda

  7. StSimonOfTrent says:

    I just found my newest favorite fighter and man

    He is an inspiration

    I wish him nothing but the best in UFC

  8. i2eally says:

    6:19 LOL

  9. lenkielou says:

    I’m not sure those are porno magazines… its very common for there to be topless women on the cover of a lot of magazines in Croatia… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Political Magazine and by the tone of his voice I believe they are political magazines.

  10. XkerryXhartX says:

    What the hell was he saying about the pornos? lol

  11. MegaMakedonski says:

    fala za videovo !!! pozdrav od Makedonija

  12. miki87ns says:

    fedor the badest man on planet -watch

  13. coolguy125 says:

    yea cro cop is the man hes awesome

  14. MickyFinnMainz says:

    shame he got sparked out a few days back

  15. nikio124636 says:

    Hahaha Rambo 1

  16. filipereis88 says:

    Holy crap Cro Cop is the toughest guy I have ever seen… jeez his training is insane, badass dude, and he’s funny and humble.

  17. doubletreemutt says:

    His punches arfe much more dynamic than I thought. He should use the punch more in fighting with that kind of power and not rely so much on kicks, which people are waiting for now.

  18. omglollmao123 says:

    “Well there’s going to be a little blood not going to the brain, but *head twitches* for now there *head twitches* is no *head twitches* consequences”


    funny as hell

  19. omglollmao123 says:

    Or kick faster….

  20. piggypoo says:

    man, cro cop trains like a horse. fedor beat him well, I wonder how fedor will train…we will never know…

  21. sabi5310 says:

    he is the greatest fighter on this planet for me

  22. gghochu says:

    cro cop is a fucking badass. being in a special force means you are in the elite of the elites.

  23. Akrohiphop says:

    con publicidad y todo el documental…. ¬¬

  24. rampagesgrill84 says:

    No one can talk faster than Cro Cop.

  25. bmwcekacar says:

    u hrvatskoj se ne isplati biti kriminalac 🙂 . .