Mirko Filipovic Crocop Documentary – Part 5

| April 9, 2010

Mirko Filipović (born on September 10, 1974), often billed as Mirko Cro Cop, is a Croatian law enforcement officer turned kickboxer and mixed martial artist (MMA). He is also a former member (2003 – 2007) of Croatian Parliament. His nickname, short for “Croatian Cop”, comes from his membership in the most elite Croatian police’s Anti-Terrorist Unit ATJ Lučko. Filipović has been successful in both K-1 and PRIDE Fighting Championships. On September 10, 2006, he won the PRIDE 2006 Open Weight Grand Prix, and in 2007 began fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Filipović is famous for his left high kicks, with which he has knocked out many of his opponents. Mixed martial arts record: Wins 24 By knockout 17 By submission 4 Losses 6 Draws 2 No contests 1 Kickboxing record: Total 23 Wins 16 By knockout 11 Losses 7 By knockout 4

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  1. dobberdoss says:

    I like this! see the real human being outside the ring! What a great doc/movie it would make on these guys

  2. martyn347 says:

    hes real croatian laugh ,jokes ,good music and food!!!and boxing off course

  3. wubs23 says:

    that guy didn’t look to good after he got hit…
    better take him to a hospital..

  4. ilijakralj says:

    Brawo Kralju Kravljevi !!!

  5. boogynights says:


  6. 82mareza says:

    hvala bogu da se vratio cuko 🙂

  7. Bulif says:



  8. ALDINvlasenicaBIH says:

    ko bih reko da je mirko ovako smijesan da ni ove videove pogledao kad ga vidis u ringu ko da ce nekome glavu da otkine haha

  9. 123puta3 says:


    decko nece ni pjevat na kraju

  10. 123puta3 says:

    7:36 hahahahahahah i laughed

  11. toooonnii says:

    This is How they do in Croatia !!
    Lol , The fight with one glove and knock each other out!

  12. MoqydakWykitub says:

    I watched a guy do his girls pussy at tiny[.]cc/whores607

  13. wyoat says:

    Cro Cops laugh is sooo funny

  14. LaiskaKettu says:

    i thought so too.reminds me, strangely enough, of ricky gervais laughter.

  15. Fupper16 says:


  16. Benz78theconquerer says:

    7’22” = Respect

  17. sharkakasparkova says:

    uvijek se iznova nasmijem ovom fightu na kraju. koji kralj ovaj stari što nasjedne na udarac ha ha…

  18. grillo1985 says:

    I miss Mirko….;)

  19. piratebri says:

    That wasn’t his dad, his dad died when he was young

  20. ruppert1994 says:

    najveci kralj obozavam ga jako :))))

  21. bwsbloodwhatup says:

    Haha, he’s just too much! Laughed my ass off rly. A real legend, dont think we’re going to see one of his kind no more.. What if every fighter would be like this? The fighting scene would have much more respect from politicians and others.

  22. shootless says:

    ha his dad got fucked up..ha… 0_0

  23. Viruxez says:

    haha mirko has the funniest laughter i’ve ever heard xD

  24. SaVanA95 says:

    Mirko Cro Cop kick boxing legend!!! pozz iz Srbije!!!

  25. halfhausaman says:

    love this guy even more now.