Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Defend a Punch in Mixed Martial Arts

| August 25, 2010

How to defend a punch in mixed martial arts in this free mixed martial arts video from Brazilian Martial Arts master Ed Wedding. Expert: Ed Wedding Bio: Ed Wedding is the United World Muay Thai Association (UWMTA) Champion and an instructor at Harbor Kickboxing in San Pedro, CA and at R-1 Gym in El Segundo, CA. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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  1. glockcocker says:

    Man I hate commercials. Nice blocking instructional vid. Didn’t cover uppercuts but still good instructions.

  2. glockcocker says:

    man I hate comercials 🙁 Nice block instructions missed uppercuts but still very good. thanks

  3. omgoadwtf says:

    1:21 wouldve gotten you K.Oed with a late reaction like that, but i guess it was unexpected. nice vid. 5/5

  4. bangmeister says:


  5. DNLrider says:

    he said basic defense dude…. and we saw how far avoiding got lyoto against shogun

  6. artfull123 says:

    ill secound that 187murdera its tuff

  7. InsanityType66 says:

    lol punks are retarded. how do u think would win. crazy punk guy, or black belt in TKD????

  8. sagehiphop says:

    LMFAO!!! Good luck dont act like a punk

  9. AceofDlamonds says:

    1 word….legit.

    half of the time, the instructors in expertvillage are clueless or aren’t well versed…….but I’ll take exception here.
    That is, after all, basic defense

  10. teamukemi says:

    How did the fight go?

  11. ZachF3R says:

    dont appear at the fight and then pop out of nowhere put him in a rear naked choke and put him to sleep than when hes asleep unload on his face and then teebag him

  12. InsanityType66 says:

    he didnt get me yet. im just gunna wait for him to make the first move cause its easier to block then hit the face 😛

  13. 52daveg says:

    how did it go?

  14. InsanityType66 says:

    lol that sounds good

  15. Prankzter4 says:

    it is when we have beatdowns at school and i dont want to get hurt i take them down and i make them tap but in your case you got a bully so make him your pent house bitch

  16. InsanityType66 says:

    haha that sounds fun, but i just wanna get him down with a few shots…..

  17. Prankzter4 says:

    take him to the ground and ground and pound if your not good standing up its the best thing to do get full mount he wont know how to deffened it and start unloading on the bitch

  18. InTRuD3r86 says:

    run away, get some friends, cheapshopt,buy him a beer,buy a gun,buy a pitbull

  19. InsanityType66 says:

    hey i need some small help. some dude siad hes gunna (try) to beat me up tomorrow. well im a black belt. but i havent done anything in a while and ive heard the dude is real crazy. help me so i wont geta bloody nose or other crap 😀

  20. cautiousfox says:

    but hes just gonna get hit in the gut thats even worst if somone trys this there gonna be really damn pissed off lol

  21. jonasdk1234 says:

    against a Hook Punch i would just move into my opponent (yeah i use Wing Chun)

  22. nerdpanda says:

    ” They can roll with the punches. Long as they feels like they’re in control “

  23. iHarpz says:

    nice thanks

  24. SteelCity1981 says:

    ducking under is harder if you are taller then the guy throwing the hook punches.

  25. trakas35 says:

    try it……..then talk