Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Keep Ground Control in Mixed Martial Arts

| January 9, 2010

How to keep ground control in mixed martial arts in this free mixed martial arts video from Brazilian Martial Arts master Ed Wedding.

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  1. PrimoSkeeter1904 says:

    sloppy ass arm bar.

    I was just rolling with my mate the other day ( who knows nothing of jiu-jitsu) and I couldn’t pull off a decent rolling away arm bar, which used to be a signature of mine. Granted he weighs about 230 and I’m around 165. It just goes to show you sometimes you cant always lock in that submission your attempting. If its a street fight and hes much bigger, I would encourage the Shoot, but work in the strikes to the chin and maintain side control at least, its harder to reverse

  2. taylorhg says:

    what do you do in a real situation when some one bites a chunk of flesh out of your leg? their arm may be broke but YOU HAVE A CHUNK OF YOUR LEG MISSING, the reason i say this is i did that to some one sparing and they bit me… and hard enough to make me let go… i know you cant do that in a cage, but if your not, thats the best way to get out of it.

  3. RawRShimmy says:

    I was not being serious im stating that if you have to use a knife that your not such a man your self and I am sad to here what happened sad people think that way

  4. autohckr says:


    Not really, however, it is a reality, people carry knives. I know, i have been stabbed, he was aiming for my neck but I put my arm up and it went through my forearm, then I pulled it out and he ran away lol. It was a stiletto type of blade, still numb to this day in that area, lucky it missed the big tendons. I carry a knife out of habit, it has come in handy many a time(in the mountains, camping, cutting a hose,rope. etc.) I don’t look to use it in a fight if that is what u mean.

  5. RawRShimmy says:

    @autohckr I bet it takes a real man to stab someone right??

  6. wondeguy says:

    Everyone here does have some experience in street fight ? So can someone tell me the best area to hit ?

  7. dylan134 says:

    im just saying that you wont know until you’re in that situation. ive been there before.

  8. autohckr says:

    What’s funny about the way you talk is that in my time everyone thought they were Karate or judo guys and kick everyone’s ass until a little chinese man changed the face of MA. Now everyone thinks they are mma guys and can kick everyone’s ass. Believe what you wish my friend, hopefully you don’t fight too many times and hurt someone so bad you get sent away or worse you don’t come across that one person who teaches you the hard way. Take it easy.

  9. imagesk8r6969 says:

    that’s cute…. i remember my first fight….

  10. dylan134 says:

    thats why you break the arm and get away as fast as possible. breaking the arm gives you an out. i’ve been in fights and i train mma. i dont think you know what its like to have your arm extended that far but id love to show you sometime

  11. autohckr says:

    It’s obvious you have not been in many or most likely, any fights. Adrenaline does weird things to people. Two of my buddies were stabbed and they thought just like you.

  12. dylan134 says:

    no ive broken your arm. i get up and walk away and youre done for laying on the ground crying about your shattered arm.

  13. autohckr says:

    Ok, you hyperextend my arm. Now you think the fight is over. While you are not paying attention. You feel me hit you a couple of times. It takes a moment before you realize you have just been stabbed multiple times. I tell you from experience that is exactly what it feels like, a hit. The fight is not over and apparently I was not done for. I always have a blade on me, unfortunately, you didn’t see it and now it’s too late. All you eliminated was one threat and didn’t pay attention to the other.

  14. autohckr says:

    I’m glad you mentioned that. Most of the time it’s the thing you don’t see that gets you, especially a blade. Your busy trying to grapple and don’t notice the knife he just pulled out and then there are the friends who jump in.

    MMA does not teach one how to avoid attacks to the vunerable areas because of rules and regulations. You must know how to attack those places as well as know how to defend those exact same areas against attack. That’s the point I keep trying to tell people. Poop? lol.

  15. BacchusSpirit says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty interesting. I’ve even seen freak sicko who tried to piss or throw poop into ppl. The cowboy’s boots is really hard to happen, but in case of personal defense nothing could be better than some kind of tool, like a piece of pipe, a chain, a bat, a knife… Or even a gun. I think that in case of close clinched combat, u just gotta throw a fast headbutt and back off, avoiding to be biten, spit, crapped or even having ur balls, face or joints hit.

  16. dylan134 says:

    you’re acting like he’s in a position of power which he isnt. you’re positioned to break bones and all hes in position to do is bite. once you break that arm the fights over, hes done for.

  17. autohckr says:

    Starts to bite or is biting already? If you can withstand the pain then yeah crank it up. Apparently you have never been bitten. Let’s say you are facing a maniac who says he will bite your nose off no matter what happens to him. What do you think the chances are that he will succeed? Pretty low or relatively high? You may break him up pretty bad but if he is determined enough he will bite your nose off. So, you crank, he keeps biting, one of you will have to give. Who will it be?

  18. autohckr says:

    I don’t think spurs are a feasible option(unless you are a cowboy lol), that is if you are serious in your question. However, if you use the heel to trap the mouth the opponent will simply turn in toward the arm and nullify the hold because his shoulder is not being held down. Also, I have seen guys lift the leg up over their head and roll out. Some armbars are better than others, so experiment. The best is when the opponent cannot use a counter(access your groin, bite etc.)

  19. dylan134 says:

    if he starts to bite you then you crank his arm all the way till it breaks. no brainer

  20. BacchusSpirit says:

    Yeah, you’ve got a point on mentioning the possibility of being bitten. That’s another reason to don’t clinch just like dirty boxing or thai… For the clinch, for example, you should clinch and headbutting at same time. For an armbar, I guess maybe you should be wearing shoes and use the leg next to the head to trap the foe’s mouth with your heels… Maybe a cowboy’s spur boots would do a great job for that task. What do you think, autohckr?

  21. cazyblood3 says:

    all have to for that arm bar is roll in to it and pull your arm out

  22. autohckr says:

    Um… I’m over 60 years old now lol. I grew up in a time when everyone carried switchblades, stilletos, folding razors, chains, pipes and baseball bats. Around the 70’s gun use came about. I learned boxing at age five and Kyokushin Karate at age ten(earned 3rd degree). My buddy Phil B. taught me Jun Fan. I also know Tim Tacket and Bob Bremer(JKD). What I learned in all that time is you hit IMMEDIATELY, the most vunerable targets. Don’t give them any chance. But fighting also landed me in jail.

  23. FightPhysics says:

    Okay. Your experience. Post a verified vid of you fighting full contact am or pro. Lets see you in action. We’ve posted vid on YT. BTW for every strike/submission there is a counter- yin/yang. You get hit/grabbed/attacked. Thats what starts a fight. In the very few street fights I’ve unfortunately been in, I’ve been hit, kicked, butted or bit. I was lucky enough to prevailed through training and fitness. I’ve seen your yt page. Just old Lee film. I look forward to seeing your fight video.

  24. autohckr says:

    Yeah that was interesting, however, if you were paying attention, did you realize how many openings he exposed while he was trying to aquire the armbar? Especially his groin in the beginning of the fight? And he was still open to being bitten. And, he was picked up but not slammed down correctly on the back of the skull. He was fighting an unknowledgeable and inexperienced opponent. Like I said, I have seen it with my own eyes and experienced it myself. “Fisty cuffs” is not street smart.

  25. FightPhysics says:

    please watch “Arm Bar In Street Fight”