Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Takedown Under Punches in Mixed Martial Arts

| January 10, 2010

How to takedown under punches in mixed martial arts in this free mixed martial arts video from Brazilian Martial Arts master Ed Wedding.

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  1. krayzie1234567 says:

    yeah ur right, rugby did teach me some useless techniques (for real life) but they workd great in game

  2. fredbloggs02 says:

    In rugby we were told to go as low as possible but thaqt left you at risk of getting a knee to the chin if you didd’t hold the legs together tight as pos. I’m guessing this is a risky move in mma.

  3. TheHardout2005 says:

    @luketrials that is true – you can certainly get kneed when trying a low takedown, but they work better than high ones imo. But then again, look at the stances used here. He’s in a boxing stance because he’s punching – there won’t be much power or speed on a knee. A knee is also unlikely as he is not considering throwing one thanks to the boxing distance. But that’s why you have to shoot fast and not telegraph it. Still, if you were to catch a knee or a punch, you could continue the shot.

  4. xtremerukus says:

    i would like to see him try this in real time n ram into a cross

  5. cazyblood3 says:

    all got to do for that move is back away and push down on his shoulders

  6. smokingunzz says:

    man shut up b4 u get fucked up round here!, suckafool!

  7. 926531 says:

    dude….this is stupid LOL i even knew how to do this when i dint join mma, its common sense to be honest

  8. raztis1 says:

    u really shouldnt even turn your head out. ifs better to turn your head into the opponent than out they cant wrap your nek up at all if you do that.

  9. TreeTrunk82 says:

    no pain, no gain!!

  10. jewspell says:

    tuck your head down more (get your chin as close to your chest as possible) so that it is harder for him to get his arm around your neck

  11. scottietheshizneable says:

    it is funny how his apprentice has a black eye!!! great example!!! lol

  12. Auty32440 says:

    eh well you can but if you good chin like me you can eat punches and laugh it off as your putting you opponent on his ass then ground and pound him till the ref throws you off

  13. theyellowsupremacist says:

    Hm i recall someone saying to fake a punch first, to keep your opponent’s guard up and defnding more against strikes against the head.

  14. Auty32440 says:

    if you shoot your gonna put your self at risk for things you just gotta be quick and time it right its all a head game dont show shoot or you can eat a knee a good uppercut and or a guillotine

  15. TheSeanFowler says:

    something that helps you to not get hit with a knee is to go to the side which has the knee forward

  16. luvs2spoojj says:

    thanks man, everytime i went for a takedown id leave my head out there and get caught

  17. Hexy69sCHILDREN says:

    Keep your head to the side opposite his body. So if you go right, and grab him so that his body is to your left, keep your head agaisnt your right shoulder, with your right shoulder raised, so he can’t get his arm in. I dont know any other away

  18. luvs2spoojj says:

    can someone explain to me how to not get caught with a guillotine?

  19. csaba246 says:

    don’t worry I just started not too long ago myself I started last year in september I think…..one tip I don’t know about your instructor but mine we could ask him to write together a workout plan which we could practice home.that would help you a LOT reahcing the relaxed arms(which cazes me problems 🙁 don’t worry about learning the basics after 2 years you’re gonna start learning advanced I’m learning basics myself which means the elbow is something you learn soon too.

  20. luketrials says:

    Not high enough to start learning elbows yet…Lol Done some work but just getting the hang of the basics moving up. been doing it for..11 weeks now. 🙂

  21. csaba246 says:

    I practice wing tsun but you have time that knee shot right so its really difficult to deliver but if thats what you like to use than its fine but I pesonally prefer to elbow them in the spine.

  22. luketrials says:

    Lol some reason i HIGHLY doubt this is an effective move. However i do not do Brazilian Martial arts – I do Wing Chun. For a low takedown like that leaves you Completely wide open for a knee shot.

  23. MicoChico650 says:

    then if that doesnt work then hit his kidneys but im guessin since u didnt figure that out im guessin yur punches jus dont do the job hehe

  24. bonsmitt says:

    say this guys bigger, and heavier than you can lift. Shush young man

  25. bonsmitt says:

    This can be very true 🙂

    but take down well and quick enough, and try to keep head tucked in during takedown AT ALL times