Mixed martial arts – fight ending kicks, knees, and stomps compilation

| August 19, 2010

Mixed martial arts – fight ending kicks, knees, and stomps compilation

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  1. MadDizzle1776 says:

    good vid…bad music.

  2. randomrandlle says:

    High kicks are aestheticly pleasing.

  3. SashaD says:

    ix3623 has struck again~!

  4. rattsnakeratt says:

    solid vid man, keep them coming!

  5. tcekilla says:

    excellent vid, cant wait for more mma facts ones either.

  6. FatherOfJoe says:


  7. ix3623 says:


    saved it for volume two along with coleman – williams and a few others..thanks by the way

  8. vskerane says:

    No need to put those leg injuries there, other then that good job.

  9. ryziun says:

    Great compilation as always. One noticeable omission, though… Zoila Frausto’s KO again Rosi Sexton. I know it was in your women’s MMA KO vid but I figured it would have been in this one too. Just a minor complaint, though. Still an excellent vid. I always look forward to your uploads. 🙂

  10. mmaghola says:

    What would make the shin just snap like that is that one in a million chance or does fighter’s lack of proper diet/training make it more likely to happen?

  11. Anthotis says:

    Excellent as always.

    Your choice of music adds quite an eerie atmosphere to the brutality of the video.

  12. Terjay says:

    I just love a well timed head kick.

  13. DeckerFI says:

    Amidst all the headkicks and stomps, the leg breaks are the only ones that make me cringe. It’s the only part of the game I never get used to seeing.

  14. DyNaCoR3ftw says:

    that was great!

  15. tomasasaz says:

    @ICE999KOLD L.C. Davis vs. Rafael Dias

  16. ICE999KOLD says:

    What is the fight from 8.41-8.49?

  17. sfmaster says:

    Awesome! Your videos are great, you are like an encyclopedia of knowledge in MMA.

  18. TheHawk220 says:

    Am I the only who laughed at the broken leg clip?

  19. ix3623 says:


    that’s nice of you to say, thanks…and i don’t have the ratings up because i don’t see any point to it..if someone likes it, they like it, if they don’t they don’t.

  20. chrome00 says:

    ugh, poor Corey Hil, that lanky bastard

  21. chrome00 says:

    best MMA vids on the net next to Lookoutawhale, why no ratings tho? Another great compilation

  22. ix3623 says:


    thanks leetbix

  23. ix3623 says:


    thank you msloax

  24. Leetbix1 says:

    You’re the best man, amazing how you make so many compilations 🙂

  25. MsLoax says:

    wow. so many ko’s. you rock man