Mixed Martial Arts Highlights 2009 (first half of the year)

| February 2, 2010

here’s a highlight video of MMA in the year 2009. Not claiming any of these video’s as my own.

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  1. RapsFan39 says:

    Awesome video man, Good job!

  2. jiggahippo says:

    maybe it was. u had to take it off Utube right?

  3. jiggahippo says:

    no the one with linkpark. i guess not. that vid was awsome. it was a knockout vid with all sorts of KO’s, not just mma but all kinds of tournements.

  4. stevy122 says:

    are you talking about the ultimate fighter video with the song bleed it out?

  5. jiggahippo says:

    arnt u the one that made the video with linkin park?

  6. nechrist says:

    very solid work! thx

  7. stevy122 says:

    Yeah I know. A lot of people do. I just tried out an older song. STill making part two. Took a long tIme to get the K-1 dynamite new years fights.

  8. volton says:

    Really good video man. I question the choice of music though. Where is part two?

  9. frost310 says:


    one of the BEST highlights I’ve ever seen.

  10. EbopAllDay says:

    3:18 nate diaz was probaly like WTF

  11. nickhallnh40 says:

    good video

  12. Mexxi0 says:

    bon jove – its my life

  13. stevy122 says:

    Yes I’m not a fan of lesnar either but I can’t be biased and have to show all the highlights

  14. eugenskater says:

    very nice video…brock lesnar sucks

  15. dr1FT3RHomeStudio says:

    howly mama 😮

  16. DrinkingTillDeath says:

    Good clips, but fuck out the gay bon jovi track man, fuckin ruins it!

  17. tobywushu says:

    EPIC !!!!


  18. Grales1 says:

    1:35 – hwo fight there?

  19. d0uchBag says:


  20. fenrirsget says:

    welcome home – Coheed and Cambria

  21. drgoodspd says:

    hell yes..nice vid!

  22. StunoBulgaria says:

    what is the first song?

  23. chubbyhubby020 says:

    Awesome vid dude….

  24. Mrcheckyouout says:

    One of the best videos so far!

  25. jopepe7 says:

    What’s the song at the beggening?