Mixed Martial Arts Techniques – Learn the Techniques to Defend Yourself!

| April 17, 2011

Most people think of MMA fighting as the rawest, most violent form of fighting there is, but that isn’t really true.  There are moves that are so street lethal that they are banned in the MMA fights, but now you can learn these mixed martial arts techniques thanks to an instructor that decided to work them into his self defense program.

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When it comes to meeting an attacker on the street you can’t depend on luck to get you through it, and we all know that criminals and thugs don’t fight fare so why should you be any different?  They were the ones that attacked you in the first place, so why should you have to suffer?

Head butts are one of the banned moves, obviously because of the brain damage that can occur.  If you’ve ever hit your head on anything you know that it can be so painful you can’t move or think for a while, but you can train your mind to block out this pain and instead hurt your opponent.

If you aren’t tall enough to deliver a head butt you have another option.  You can kick your attacker in the groin, of course in order to do this correctly you have to know where the pressure points are and how to kick them.  This move is great and you can teach it to your kids, even they will be able to defend themselves with this accurate and easy move.

Mixed martial arts techniques are great for anybody to learn because it makes you better able to protect yourself when you need to.  They are so easy to master that anybody can do it, and you can even make the lessons into a family event.

Click Here to Learn Mixed Martial Arts Techniques

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