MMA 4 oz Sanctioned Leather Cage Fighting Gloves – Piranha Gear, Medium

| April 10, 2010

  • Leather gloves for grappling and sparring
  • Heavy leather holds up great to lots of bag work
  • Open finger design for grappling
  • Sanctioned 4 ounce gloves

Product Description

Piranha Gear 100% top grade leather MMA gloves feature padding over the entire high-impact area of the knuckles and across the back of the hand. An open thumb and palm design allows for the freedom of movement to work submissions, while also providing protection for throwing strikes. Perfect for striking and grappling!

These are the preferred style gloves of most fighters for use in the ring. They are custom made to be sanctioned and approved by most state fight commissions at 4 ounce each. These are the gloves that most of our sponsored fighters wear.

A custom fit feel is accomplished by the easy on and off leather wrist strap with Velcro closure.

These gloves are hand-crafted, very durable and comfortable! Excellent for NHB training, sparring and UFC type competing!

MMA 4 oz Sanctioned Leather Cage Fighting Gloves – Piranha Gear, Medium

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  1. Paul Bennett says:

    I’ve been using these gloves 3 months now. They are a very nice glove. Quality of construction is high. They are comfortable to wear – they certainly don’t distract me when I am laying the blows in! 😉

    I train in kung-fu, not MMA, so we don’t tend to go to the ground too much, but we do go for traps and locks, so I opted for a non-padded-thumb glove.

    I was also interested in the built in wrist support as I don’t have particularly strong wrists. These gloves do very nicely to add that support in. Not nearly as much as properly wrapped hands, of course.

    They are advertised as an all-round glove for training through to the cage, but I tend to feel they are a little light for training – especially for beginners. (I had never used gloves before so I wasn’t sure what weight to shoot for.) Even though you hands will feel well protected your training partner will certainly feel the strike!
    Rating: 5 / 5