MMA – BEST Knockouts, Brutal KO’s – UFC, PRIDE, Mixed Martial Arts, Fighting

| June 5, 2010

MMA – BEST Knockouts, Brutal KO’s – UFC, PRIDE, Mixed Martial Arts, Fighting Agreat fight! Want more? Interested in a certain event? Looking for MMA DVD’s? Just ask for our list of events at: Or visit: Please subscribe, many more videos on the way! Thanks and keep on fighting! – TTFDVDs MMA ACTION 24/7!

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  1. coldpizza247 says:

    noooo kevin randel men

  2. FalconFreek says:


  3. alq9ede says:

    wtf !! 2:48

  4. kk5113 says:

    My favorite part begins at 1:20 check it out its hilarious!

  5. Crunkk93 says:

    i want Shogun and Rashad to go that way 😀

  6. airsoftsoldr says:

    Dude both boxing and MMA require skill but to be good at MMA you need to be able to apply the best parts of many different and unique fighting styles to your advantage. If you want to see an example of this watch some Lyoto Machida fights and you’ll understand. Or watch the Mirko Cro Cop Kick of Death Highlight Reel, specifically when he bust Bob Sapps fucking rib cage with ONE KICK.

  7. bulbo21 says:

    @yamako4now MMA = You need to have skill in fighting not just boxing IN kickin and punchin you need to be creative and strong in MMA..

  8. yamako4now says:

    @bulbo21 MMA- requires brute and mindless force.
    Boxing requires skill. If you can’t see the difference, well it’s your problem.

  9. bulbo21 says:

    @yamako4now lmao and its more then nerds like u which dont like mma grow some hair on ur ballz and gtfo..

  10. Beabletowatchprono says:

    @Brentii8 Gary Goodridge.

  11. yamako4now says:

    @bulbo21 What you have been fucking, IF you have been fucking something else beside your hand, are some low life bitches. Wake up! The world is more than just plain stupidity and slang FFS!!

  12. bulbo21 says:

    @yamako4now if u knew anything bout girls u would kno they dont like that shit u fuckin dumbfuck hahahah go fuckin cut ur emo penis (tick tack) off cuz U wont need it anyway fuckin priest 😉

  13. yamako4now says:

    @bulbo21 Oooooh, I see. You have to use slang to get pussy. HAHAHA! Kill yourself.

  14. bulbo21 says:

    @yamako4now ROTFL you fuckin retarted? everyone fuckin uses slang u fuckin prick go choke on a cock cuz Im sure u wont see a pussy in the next 500 years…

  15. Brentii8 says:

    who is tha guy in black on 2.22?

  16. jansveen says:

    what a complete arse to put rage against the macine in this crap. these guys are just macines, and rage against the macine is a group that is against anything like what ever happens in this video. man, get your selfs some life junkheads

  17. yamako4now says:

    @bulbo21 You are a very stupid guy. I mean, you can’t even type right, you barely make sense not to mention your lack of common sense. But hey, you’r the bulbo21, you can afford to be stupid.

  18. bulbo21 says:

    @yamako4now going 2 skool and bein a nerd is a diffrence idiot..

  19. yamako4now says:

    @yamako4now in your*

  20. yamako4now says:

    @bulbo21 Right. Don’t go to school. It’s bad for you. Play some videogames.

  21. yamako4now says:

    @wigs92 Pay attention to his earlier post and you’ll understand, if you have some brain your head.

  22. wigs92 says:

    @yamako4now “you’r” isn’t a word

  23. bulbo21 says:

    @yamako4now fuckin sue me nerd go to fuckin school dont waste ur time on the internet dumbfuck

  24. yamako4now says:

    @bulbo21 Learn to spell before you write something you little dwarf. It’s “you’r” not “your” and you have no idea what boxing is all about.

  25. jackorules1 says:

    f u c k u alepass1 it is sick as mma rules