MMA Family Jones Highlight Video Catch Wrestling Jerry Jones Mixed Martial Arts Nutley NJ Finishes

| July 20, 2010

Jerry Jones MMA Family Kids Highlight Submissions and Take Downs Catch Wrestling Mixed Martial ArtsGrappling Drills for children or adults, Jerry Jones Ultimate Martial Arts, Nutley NJ 07110, 973-662-9662 or, email at …for a free class. Jerry Jones has been teaching MMA and Grappling since 1993 so we are hear to stay. We produce many National and World Champions in submission grappling tournaments like NAGA World Championships, NAGA Nationals, NAGC, NAGA Battle at the Beach, and ADCC. Jerry was honored to recieve, NAGA Instructor of the Year 2003. Jerry Jones Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts teach classes from tiny tots (potty trained) thru people into their seventies (also potty Trai;o) – and have separate classes for age, ability and goals, from pro’s to Joe’s. Jerry Jones was awarded “Instructor of the Year 2008” from Martial Arts Teacher’s Association by president and founder John Graden, a student and world class fighter under the amazing Joe Lewis. Mr. Graden the the founder of Napma and MATA appointed Jerry Jones to be on the MATA Advisory Board to help other school owners in the area of MMA, Mixed Martial Arts and Grappling the area of how to teach, safety, and Curriculum desighn. Jerry Jones teaches Many school owners and students all over North America. Mrs. Jones is great at winning fights;) The Jones family of seven all train hard. We believe a family that fights togethes stays tight together. Boxing Sambo Muay Thai Kick

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  1. ironwarrior77 says:

    haha! mann I want my family to be like this when I’m older! congrats man! amazing family

  2. antowalk says:

    Loving it absolutely loving it adore this family

  3. ldwissel says:

    Great form and take down training technigues. Those kids are great. Fantastic video capture to. Kids are really good to be so young.

  4. MPA2000 says:

    Very impressive. I think it is really cute when kids that age learn these techniques.

  5. JerryJonesMMA says:

    Also, I can’t help to agree with the teacher part.

  6. JerryJonesMMA says:

    Well you are family and will always be.

  7. raytra says:

    Awesome footage -what do you expect when you have a teacher like yourself, a family of champions! Enjoy every minute time goes by quickly.Good luck and good health.You have made Michael and I feel like extended family. thank you


  8. johngomes32 says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen on youtube! Great video to inspire me and my kids. Big fan of you guys, seen you at the NAGA grappling tornaments and at different MMA events for years now. Love your other videos on youtube and different MMA and grappling / wrestling websites. I didn’t know why your kids and adults were so good at tapping out other competitors with leg lock but see now on your description that you have a Sambo background. We checked out your site and will try free trial.

  9. theygonehavetokillme says:

    Your welcome, Thanks for the response.
    It’s Jones Ultimate Karate they teach jui jitsua,self defense, mma, the kids classes are called little dragon’s, all the info i have from reading the paper on the door of the gym,
    If its anything like you guys, im in for a treat,

  10. JerryJonesMMA says:

    Thanks for the compliment. For now, there is only one Jerry Jones Ultimate Mixed Martial arts teaching MMA but if you get the name of the school we may know them. We do have some schools that we are affiliated with but the main HQ w/ Jerry Jones is in Jersey. Hope this helps.

  11. theygonehavetokillme says:

    awesome video,

    is all Jones Ultimate karate studio’s, branches from this one?
    there’s one my way in Boiling Springs , N.C. i was checking out,

    good video

  12. martialartnut says:

    What a great video. The Jones’s can’t be beat! Must be a great place to have your kids train. I’m impressed with the results of this school!

  13. Craigh1977 says:

    This is a great video!!!!!!!!!

  14. mmafan17 says:

    Couldn’t possibly keep up with the Jones’s

  15. ImpulseMMA says:

    GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!