MMA Gel Leather Fight Gloves, Medium

| June 26, 2010

  • Leather gloves for grappling and sparring
  • Heavy leather holds up great to lots of bag work
  • Open finger and palm design makes grappling easy
  • Solid gel padding fantastic at absorbing impact
  • Ideal for anyone that does heavy bag work

Product Description
These are some of the best Piranha Gear MMA gloves available. Made from 100% leather, these MMA gloves feature Gel Padding over the entire high-impact area of the knuckles and across the back of the hand. A comfortable design allows for the freedom of movement to work submissions, while also providing protection for throwing strikes. Perfect for punchers, grapplers, and serious bag work.

Easy on and off leather wrist strap with Velcro closure. These MMA gloves are hand-crafted, very durable and comfortable! Excellent for NHB training, sparring and UFC type competing.

These gloves tend to run just a LITTLE large, so if you’re between sizes, you may want to go with the smaller size (unless you plan to wrap your hands – which we’d recommend anyway and the very reason we make these a little large).

MMA Gel Leather Fight Gloves, Medium

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  1. Justin Blade says:

    These martial arts gloves feel amazingly luxurious and comfortable while providing full knuckle, back of hand and half finger padded coverage as well as “Ridge Hand” or thumb side coverage for those chops. Sadly the “Knife Hand” or pad side of the hand doesn’t have the same full coverage although the padding from the knuckles and the thick leather of the palm does reduce impact somewhat for that, but not the same as intentional padding for it would be. Also the palms are not really padded except by the thick leather, as far as I can tell, so for open hand fighting it’s far from perfect if alot better than having nothing at all to cover/pad the palm. Also fingers can’t be separated, which is also a problem for many open hand techniques but they have much more flexibility opening and closing than so many gloves out there that for grappling, at least, it’s not a hindrance at all. Also wrist is supported tho not padded (for dangerous and only specialty martial artist techniques regarding the back of the wrist). Regardless of it’s “flaws”, it’s a quality glove, definitely better than the vast majority out there.


    The company actually saw my reviews, appreciated and discussed very amicably with me! Excellent company that really wants to hear what it’s customers think. I really understand why they made some design decisions now and we may see some new models based on customer input but for their intention this really is a remarkable glove. Grapplers! Mixed Martial Artists! Pick this one up!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Not all gloves are the same. Once you try a few diffrent ones sparring or hitting the bag, you will see. These gloves have enough padding to keep non competition fighting fair and relatively safe but the other larger benefit is that the protect your knuckles really well. Also, in the long run, you will save money with these leather gloves because they dont fall apart like the plastic ones eventually do.
    Rating: 5 / 5