MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : Escape from a Headlock on the Ground

| April 3, 2010

Practical self defense, MMA style! Watch experts demonstrate an escape from a side headlock in this free video on self defense and mixed martial arts. Expert: Jason Jeanette & Daniel Klapheke Bio: Mr. Jeannette has practiced martial arts for over 15 years. Mr. Daniel Klapheke has over 20 years of martial arts experience. Together they founded EM3, a modern MMA system. Filmmaker: Dimitri labarge

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  1. Henderson711 says:

    Anyone can escape anything just keep trying it. You control everything that happens in the fight. Remeber that

  2. Katana99301 says:

    clamp HARD or maybe this gut did jujitsu or ground fighting

  3. tthurmond30 says:

    Make sure your right leg is behind his left arm, also do the armbar with this, keep control over his arms and head with this choke, and make your triangle tight. This minimizes his options to get out to almost none.

  4. tonynevada says:

    Some guy did this to me in a fight a week ago, but I escaped.

    He did it again, but I escaped again.

  5. musjew24 says:

    Thanks this really helps! I was practising groundfighitng in jiu jitsu and I couldn’t get outta this cause my opponent was choking me and was pretty heavy. I will definitly try this out!

  6. nickhall08 says:

    i did this in a fight yesterday and he escaped

  7. nickhall08 says:

    i did that in a fight yesterday but he escaped

  8. smokenfly514 says:

    this is a very common hold in judo…its not that easy to escape though if your opponent knows what hes doing, theres like 5 other options at least

  9. CBoavida says:

    I gotta learn brazilian jiujitsu! For at least 3 months.

  10. catoon95 says:

    Yup That Right…Great comment…

  11. Jujutsuka4LIfe says:

    Good stuff. It also presents a great warning to people who use this scarf hole do keep your head as close to your opponent’s as possible otherwise this counter will nail you. 5/5

  12. Bluebillion215 says:

    thats sick, but heres a question, after when you have him in the lock with your legs, How would that person get out of it? Can you show a video of that?

  13. beefless says:

    this really works. i tried it on a kid at my school when we were wrestling, i didnt get the cutting arm bar or even secure my legs for the figure 4, but he didnt see it coming or knew what was going. i tried to choke him with just one leg, and he got scared and immediatly tapped out

  14. thundernuts0 says:

    man this worked so well on my friend when we sparred but i dont think i applied enouph pressure to the lock cause he got out 🙁

  15. Etaks89 says:

    thats a scarfhold defense, and all they have to do is tuck there head before you pry. Good work though, but you should address multiple defenses to scarf hold.

  16. kenseisato1989 says:

    i love attacking from a bad possion. cant wait to try, thanks for the post

  17. yousuckers1 says:

    this is tight guys. pretty sweet…

  18. mrarches says:


  19. spoonman73 says:

    good technique–also try keylocking your arms to apply more pressure to the elbow

  20. shoebuman says:

    not so bad…….!!!!!!!!!

  21. theawakener7 says:

    ok for competition fighting but utterly useless for real combat.

  22. surferbeast124 says:

    thanks alot, very usefull

  23. BoxingIsFun says:

    very cool thank you

  24. helihoz says:


  25. yousuckmygranny says:

    hahaha lol