MMA – mixed martial arts how to preform

| February 26, 2010

how to preform some basic combo’s, takedowns and submissions

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  1. Not2Be0utDone says:

    the triangle choke is all wrong, the right arm of the guy being choked is supposed to be across his neck for the choke to be called a triangle choke.

  2. xXRASHEEDXx says:

    can the elbo one kill someone?

  3. wackmestudios says:


  4. flamefox0138 says:

    the half python kicks ass!

  5. flamefox0138 says:

    one thing everyone needs to realize, is that no matter how rediculus or sick or awsome a move looks, as long as it works use it if the situation permits.

  6. flamefox0138 says:

    yeah these are all great for school fights no kidding any one who can do these move accurately will kick ass in most any fight!!!!!!!

  7. rikimaru7793 says:

    whats song ?

  8. ShiftyJackson says:

    nice choice of music

  9. wackmestudios says:

    these pwn in school fights!!!!!!!!

  10. 5T0RML0RD says:

    and judo / jui jitsu

  11. 5T0RML0RD says:

    and if you see any MMA fighter successfully using all these TKD and ninjitsu moves point them out,

  12. sidndluke says:

    no matter how mutch i try, i never sem to be able to matser the sholder throw

  13. DanielsIllusion says:

    im trying to find a ninjitsu studio in dc i do tae kwon do when i get my black next year i want to start ninjitsu

  14. Dufflebagboy778 says:

    It would be sick to do this in a street fights full of teenagers who think there sick at fighting when all they do is swing

  15. SteelCity1981 says:

    I miss human Weapon on the History channel i sued to watch it weekly, but it seems like after the second season it wasn’t getting good enough ratings and they pulled it off the air.

  16. lorialph says:

    just cuz some ppl decided to call it a kimora, does it make it a kimora for everybody? thats a shoulder lock..wtever u call it, as long as it works.. it doesnt matter

  17. bigdcowboys01 says:

    lol the history channel called it a shoulder lock when its actually called a kimora

  18. bigdcowboys01 says:

    nice video 🙂 and good music to go with it… mma is the best sport around

  19. njwda says:

    Nice bro 5/5

  20. Jonnyhahaha says:

    what song is this? nice vid

  21. martybur says:

    😛 you into martial arts?

  22. TwiXeDMooN says:

    nice video,

  23. martybur says:

    yh mite download this song to train to, i just did 200 sit ups wtf? i dont usually train and now im burning n in pain lols

  24. leedscrew says:

    cool martial arts video works well with the music