MMA Shirts and MMA Gloves

| December 9, 2010

Of late, mixed martial arts have gained a lot of popularity with the UFC fights happening in different countries across the world. There are some clothing rules to be followed by the fighters, so as to participate in these competitions. Training wear is equally important since the fighters would spend more time in the training sessions, as compared to the actual competing time. In most competitions, MMA gloves and MMA shorts are the only two items permitted in the combat situations.

MMA Shorts

Mixed martial arts specifically require the male fighters to wear MMA shorts while engaging in fights. MMA shorts are pretty flexible and hence allow the freedom of movement. They are also durable enough and can withstand the strain placed on them during the battle. There are different kinds of MMA shorts available in the market, which includes the board shorts. Such shorts provide protection till half way down the thigh. There are gladiator shorts that possess slits on the sides of the legs for improved movement and comfort.

MMA Gloves

MMA gloves were initially introduced to protect the fists in punches as well as to reduce the amount of cuts to be suffered by the fighters during fights. These gloves would encourage the fighters to use their hands while striking their opponents, which eventually lead to entertaining matches. MMA gloves were formerly mandated in Japan’s Shoto competition and the trend was later adopted in United States by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In the United States, the gloves are compulsory for all the participating fighters, since the authorities now consider the sport in the same way as they consider other events such as boxing.

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