My Journey Into Mixed Martial Arts Training

| December 12, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is both a mentally and physically demaning sport. mma puts great strain on the athlete which requires the fighter to be fit and healthly. Being a mixed martial arts fighter requires expolsive power, stamina and cardiovascular training. The training involved within mma is often tough and physically demaning, and having to follow a strict diet can be often challenging for the aspiring mixed martial arts practitioner.

Having to attend mma training sessions throughout the week, keep appointments with the gym, eat correctly, fit in home based exercise sessions, requires dedication and relentless self- discipline. But the rewards gained from this self-discipline and dedication, makes the mixed martial arts fighter a superior individual.

As a Prison Officer and keen mixed martial arts trainee, I find keeping the training and home life balance difficult. It is my intention to briefly explain how I keep my Mixed Martial Arts training, and all important home-life running smoothly.

Firstly I would like to explain more about myself. As I stated I am a Prison Officer working in one of HM Prisons. The job can be often dangerous and having to deal with volatile and potentially violent situations is an often occurrence. I’ve been threatend, assaulted, spat at etc etc. Anyway, people ask me why I do the job. I ask myself the same question, and my answer is still the same “I dont know” Enough of that for now. Well, I’m married and have a great son. We all live quite happily together wich is a rare case in today’s society.

As a keen mixed martial arts practitioner, I find it quite difficult to fit in training sessions with the job and family life. I’ve been interested in martial arts for most of my life and have only really got into mixed martial arts quite recently, after a little health scare.

I was smoking and drinking quite heavily for the last three years and gave up all my fitness and martial arts training. I was 2st overweight and felt sluggish all the time. I would get up at 5.00am for work with a hangover and a stinking headache, everyday.

I decided enough was enough and I gave up smoking and drinking in one hard swoop. After much tought and deliberation, I began to put a training package together. It would involve me running and cycling to work, circuit training and walking. With this simple exercise programme I lost 1st in a month which put me on the road to mixed martial arts. I’ll explain more about my journey into fitness and mixed martial arts in my next article.

I run Bulldog Mixed Martial Arts a website offering MMA fans news, article and up-to-date information on Mixed Martial Arts.

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