Plain Bk Fight Shorts #6, Large

| September 28, 2015

Plain Bk Fight Shorts #6, Large

Plain Bk Fight Shorts #6, Large

  • ALL BLANK shorts – no embroidered logos or names on the outside.
  • With a longer thigh length and split side seams for freedom of movement, we originally intended these for people that practice MMA or UFC mixed martial arts…
  • …but they work just as well for Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and general grappling.
  • We see lots of use for Crossfit training too, but do keep in mind these are made for optimal flexibility and freedom of movement – so they are looser than a swim suit might be!

Black fight shorts, ideal for submission wrestling, MMA and even casual wear. Designed and cut for maximum comfort, these shorts feature split seams to allow total freedom of movement when grappling and kicking. Velcro system and inside tie for secure fit.

These have nothing on the outside of the shorts. The are completely blank on the outside (they do have a Piranha Gear logo on the inside label).

These shorts are made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. They are not as “slick” as 100% poly nor “sticky” like a microfiber.

The waist is NOT elastic, so be sure to measure your actual waist size before ordering. These are a looser or “baggy” cut, so you shouldn’t need to get a larger size for any reason. If anything, you’d want to go with a smaller size if you want them to fit more snug.

List Price: $ 39.99


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