Pro-Star MMA, Full Mount Escape, Roll, Jerry Jones Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts

| February 20, 2010

One of the Pro-Star MMA Grappling Directors teaches Full Mount Escape, Roll. He’s using Pro-Star students Dominic Martinez (2 Time NAGA World Champion) and Danny Fornasa (NAGA World Champion) to demonstrate. Fast Forward to end to see of highlights of Dominic’s NAGA tournament wins. Pro-Star…

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  1. johngomes32 says:

    Shame on you! Jerry Jones has nothing to do with pro star and you do not have his permission to use his material or his students for your purposes. You have not paid him and you have no honor to let people comment on his videos with such vulgarity without deleting their remarks. Jerry Jones is well known and well liked by many. Who is Joe Brignoli? Is he in hiding? Jerry Jones can be found very easily and is a person of integrity.

  2. 2WW34 says:

    thanks for help

  3. 44rumblefish says:

    Great job as always, Jerry

  4. masterblastertkd says:

    most good fighters put in the hooks until they have control. Once they have control, they usually pull the hooks to take a high mount if they’re going to strike.

  5. del1000005 says:

    Also, as a practical matter, putting in hooks while on top decreases your mobility significantly. It makes it extremely difficult to perform a submission or even ground and pound with hooks in. Therefore, in order to inflict damage from the top, at some point, a fighter must release the hooks which are used for “riding”.

  6. BF1 says:

    It’s so useless that Fedor teaches it. Wait… which makes you useless and an idiot.

    Type in on youtube Fedor full mount reversal.

  7. CatsGoRawr says:

    you do know that every single decent fighter puts hooks in when in full mount which makes this technique pointless dont you?