Reaching Peak Fitness For MMA

| February 24, 2011

Is the training that you are doing, helping you to reach the required Fitness for MMA?

There is no doubt MMA fitness is extremely difficult. There are many aspects that are part of MMA training, and they need to be applied in an equal manner.

Training for MMA is a world apart from training for other sports. Virtually no other sport requires such varied training workouts as the sport of mixed martial arts. You need to focus on MMA strength, MMA endurance, MMA conditioning, and grappling.

You also need to recover from all these types of workouts. If you don’t allow yourself the required recovery time, then you will over train, and your mixed martial arts career will be over before it has begun. This is why it is important that MMA training is done in a certain way. You need to focus on exercises that are going to give you the biggest rewards for your hard work.

Here are the main components you need to be focusing on in your MMA Workout Training to achieve real MMA fitness.

Strength Training For MMA

If you do not have the strength to grab and throw your opponent, then you will not get very far in a fight. MMA strength training is different from strength workouts that bodybuilders may use. Your focus needs to be on lifting heavy, and with explosive power. This means using compound exercises like the dead lift, the squat, bench press, dips, weighted chin ups.

MMA Conditioning Training

Without the ability to last the distance in a fight, you will never get very far. This means training in a manner where there is minimal rest periods in your MMA training. I’m talking seconds, rather than minutes. Remember that your opponent is not going to give you a few minutes to get your strength back, and your training should reflect this.

Before a fitness workout, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment ready, so that you can move from one to another straight

MMA Endurance Training

You will need massive amounts of stamina, and this means cardio work. However your cardio training will not be jogging around a park. Your endurance training for MMA needs to be much harder. This means using carrying weights of any kind certain distances. This will really test your lungs and your body.

MMA Grappling Training.

Seeing as a lot of fights go to ground, it is vital that you possess the skills to handle those situations. A fair amount of your MMA training should be geared towards learning technique, and holds, because if yours is better than your opponents, it gives you an additional weapon.

You also need to train for flexibility, punching power, and throwing.

As you can see, fitness for MMA requires a lot of work. This is why you need a MMA fitness program which is going to cover all the bases.

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