| August 10, 2010

Sloth tests a drug that will make him a genius.

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  1. sparklycrippledbabe says:

    How clever to realize sloths can escape their captors merely by constructing helicopters and motorcycles!!! Sloths are wonderful, and Slothvision is hilarious!!! (Did Sloth also slowly, slowly slowly type some intergalactic cecropia leaf and cilantro stir fry recipe?)

  2. Overnightfuture says:

    earth hat lolololololololololololololo

  3. ajshim says:

    The ending was priceless.

  4. djCASHmachine says:

    i love 2:22

  5. TheAaron7096 says:

    i saw mario

  6. itwasstinky says:

    seriously bro? i just built a helicopter?

  7. Bobaklives says:

    I like these.

  8. fresakittycupcake says:

    JESS! this is amazing!

  9. RedPrincexDESx says:

    Great Job, I like the sloth videos.

  10. Kitunae says:

    The Sloth videos are awesome – this may be my new fave 😀

    Zombie sloth was also v. cool : ) but this one made me lol more

  11. Saito684 says:

    You tell him.

  12. Thespartan18 says:

    dude wtf this is a cartoon about sloth not politics. fuck off dickweed and get a life.

  13. XxDTOP2121xX says:

    oh i love this sloth lol

  14. ohkeepa2009 says:

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    know the truth!!!

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  16. DavioX596 says:

    no, i will not

  17. XenoAlex2222 says:

    I Love this

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  18. corncob4 says:

    dude calm down its just youtube not a being mean contest. meaner…..

  19. DavioX596 says:

    boob machine?

  20. saintaureus says:

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, your contribution has greatly enriched the commentary on this video as well. Kudos!

  21. DandMrB says:

    wow, you quoted the video i just watched! thank you for being so selfless in commenting on this video clip, as it must be mentally exhausting. without this comment my life surely has no meaning.

  22. jocelynekatz says:

    LOL! Awesome, gets better and better every time. The doc looks familiar…

  23. marctbecker says:

    IT MAKES NO SENSE. Yet, I still find it rather enjoyable.

  24. BluTungIndustriz says:

    obvious troul is obvious.

  25. goobernutz says:

    yea. he said that.