The Beginners Guide to MMA

| July 6, 2010

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Are you ready to move beyond simple karate? Or, are you just getting started with martial arts?

Regardless of your answer this is your chance to finally get the inside story of what it really takes to succeed with mixed martial arts. Before you get started you need to learn everything possible about MMA.

Have you got a clue about exactly what you must do to set your body on fire and start turning meaningless muscle into a MMA machine? We thought not! Sadly that is the way most people begin a new endeavor.

Unfortunately, that also sets the tone for failure right from the get-go. It is also the reason why more people don’t succeed. The term “just do it” is a prime example. Yes, “just do it” but do it AFTER you’ve prepared.

And you can get prepared in no time with this book. Inside the digital pages you will learn everything you need to know about MMA. In fact, you’ll get the low down on every training method known to man!

It’s pretty well known that while home study is great, working out a gym gives you that extra push. But how do you select a gym that specializes in mixed martial arts?

This is so important that we devote an entire chapter to finding the right MMA training gym. When it comes to MMA not all gyms are created equal. Different training requirements, equipment and knowledge are needed.

Discover how MMA fighters improve their reaction and speed using Plyometrics in the special chapter devoted to this topic. Fighters have learned that Plyometrics have greatly improved their performance.

MMA is not just about speed, strength, power, endurance, stamina and fighting techniques, but they need to follow a very strict diet. Nutrition and the MMA fighter go hand-in-hand when it comes to achieving the best possible performance.

If you are interested in MMA Competition, a full grasp of the situation is an absolute must. At first, MMA competitions were primarily introduced as a way to get people in different martial arts disciplines to fight against each other in order to prove which discipline is the most effective.

Today, MMA competitions have evolved and produced different breeds of athletes. There are already stricter rules but you will still see that there is much to learn when there is no centralized sanctioning authority for MMA.

Remember, MMA is “Mixed Martial Arts.” Multiple disciplines are involved when learning this new sport.

The Beginners Guide to MMA

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