the science behind mixed martial arts part 3

| June 29, 2010

Fight Science the full episode! Featuring MMA fighters Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Dean Lister and Tito Ortiz.

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  1. KPZero18 says:

    wish i could kick like that

  2. BrotherBoresIsBest says:

    why get confused over labels. Whoever wins wins. if it is called a martial art, or a liberal art, if it works, it works.

  3. Honor1104 says:

    altho, my own opinion, i think they shud be considered arts..becuase they teach u how to express urself in terms of combat..
    so yea, i agree with u..but i’ve just taught differently..

  4. Honor1104 says:

    okayy… i don’t mean to argue or anything here..but please explain why u think so..
    because i’ll be honest here…i’ve always learned that boxing is too incomplete to be considered a martial art…and wrestling as well.
    i’ve been taught that the goal in the boxing is to knock out the other guy, and in take down the other guy..
    whereas in other martial arts..the goal is to teach u how to protect and defend urself
    but that’s just what i’ve been taught…not my actual opinion..

  5. dips3t20 says:

    They’re still considered arts.

  6. Honor1104 says:

    this dictionary is only half right…martial arts aren’t just forms of combat used for sport…hence..they wouldn’t be called “arts”…
    martial arts emphasizes on DESTROYING the body (and sometimes healing it) and not just hurting it..
    for instance..look at ninjitsu..the art of killing… not much of a sport…
    however, boxing and wrestling are mere forms of combat…yet are very effective. Altho..they are sports..not arts.

  7. robertinho102 says:

    the muay tay he dont kick ….he only used his a kick they are confuse

  8. Kimsticky says:

    Plus the wall behind them makes the numbers go higher but I”m sure they would subtract those two things

  9. retromurdok says:

    but still alot of that power will stll being transefered into the body even if the kick isnt as prepared as that, it still will be powerfull

  10. redsmurf02 says:

    your absolutely right anything used as self defense or offense for fighting is a martial-art

  11. dips3t20 says:

    Boxing and wrestling ARE martial arts. Look it up in the dictionary. From merriam-websters dictionary: any of several arts of combat and self defense (as karate and judo) that are widely practiced as sport. Martial arts is not just oriental, unless you believe in the eastern asian ideology.

  12. kingscobra123 says:

    its just a tae cheng, tai tad, muay thai kick.

  13. GeNeStRoNg says:

    Its not that slow.

  14. mangodealer says:

    of course the numbers are going to be that high, but who’s gonna stand there and take a slow ass kick like that.

  15. theirishtraitor says:

    there is no winning between styles only fighters. you cant prove one style over the other you can get a better boxer than an mma and vice versa there style wont matter only their dedication, training and yes cheesy as it sounds their fighting spirit, and besides in a fight anything can happen . there problem solved

  16. yuriogy1 says:


  17. Taperofvids says:


  18. yuriogy1 says:

    lol i guess just a round kick

  19. Xerox20077 says:

    Haha what is an MMA kick?

  20. SenseiShotokan says:

    btw I asked you what martial art you practiced, you put wrestling and boxing and MMA. Oh god lol, anyway I forgive you man, but you need to search what a martial art is please. Ask your teachers seriously. “MMA” is not a martial art. Wrestling and boxing are not. Jiu Jitsu is a martial art. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact “”combat sport “” that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques, from a “”mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions””, to be used in “competitions”.

  21. SenseiShotokan says:

    The difference with martial arts is that the technique self-defence gives the capacity of knowing to really fight neither nor in sporting context but rather to know fundamental gestures of survival in case of aggression. Anyway like I said, ask your teachers, I can’t explain you everything here. So bye bye, unless you want to add me on msn. Good luck.

  22. SenseiShotokan says:

    There are two optics, martial arts and combat sport are basically different but historically bound and were often supplemented.(I gave the example, of putting rules in competitions because a martial art is too dangerous. By putting rules, a martial arts START to look like a COMBAT SPORT. But in the STREET, it’s another story). In the Asian countries, the training of a martial art was carried out for a confrontation vis-a-vis an attacker.

  23. SenseiShotokan says:

    Boxing is called a “combat sport”. The concept combat sport is distinct from martial art, even if certain disciplines presents the two facets. A martial art is by definition a art of war, a discipline or all is allowed and where the goal is often to kill. Because of his potential dangerosity, the study of martial art in general is very posed and it is impossible to organize competitions except after making some rules to make it looks like a combat sport. I really hope you learned something.

  24. SenseiShotokan says:

    You seems to think that a “fighting sport” is a martial arts lol. It’s sad, that you don’t even know what a martial art is. Don’t take it bad, many people are like you. Please make a litle research on the net on trusted websites, or ask your Sensei’s(your teachers), they will tell you what a martial art is. See you again and good luck.

  25. SenseiShotokan says:

    lol my friend sorry, I don’t think I’ll stay here to debate about this lol. I think I,ve posted what I have to post. If you saw 2 boxers fight in the street, that is good. But you will never see 2 martial artists fight in the street. And NO boxing is not a martial art. I’m not the one saying it, the WORLD knows it. It’s funny to see that you did not knew it, but you are trying to debate about martial arts with me…. Boxing is a simple sport combat. Please search the definition of martial arts.