the science behind mixed martial arts part 5

| January 24, 2010

Fight Science the full episode! Featuring MMA fighters Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Dean Lister and Tito Ortiz.

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  1. joniswolfman says:

    you dont harden bones by conditioning them….. you harden them by drinking milk!….. got milk?

  2. BrotherBoresIsBest says:

    actually, I’ve seen many of his fights. I see that he can’t take a punch. I don’t know what you see when he fights, but I know enough to see he has no business in a pure striking match. Sorry if he is your favorite, but I don’t have to justify my opinion to you. Please, find someone else to exchange rhetoric with.
    No offense, I simply have no more time to exchange with you over such an irrelevant matter.

  3. jimmy1deen says:

    until you’ve been hit in the face by the best in the world you have no right to say who has a glass jaw and who doesnt…

  4. BrotherBoresIsBest says:

    I am not going pro so how is that relevant to this discussion?

  5. jimmy1deen says:

    style is not irrelevant tho… if you cant wrestle or have no Jiu Jitsu, the person that does has a better chance of beating you…

  6. jimmy1deen says:

    and, if you were to get punched in the face by the best fighters in the world, you would last longer then Arlovski would?

  7. BrotherBoresIsBest says:

    Roach is a fool, Andrei has a glass jaw.

  8. alejanDro13165 says:

    me gustaria qe lo tradujeran al espaƱol

  9. cwkinser says:

    calm down, Nancy, it’s ok to be wrong.

  10. theirishtraitor says:

    Hey idiot even Pro MMAs will tell you style is irrelevant , they know in real fights anything can happen, Yeah the want to promote MMA but they still have respect for all styles if you dont have that you are arrogant and will get your body,mind and spirit broken easily,

  11. cwkinser says:

    wrong on this thread too! lol

  12. theirishtraitor says:

    there is no winning between styles only fighters. you cant prove one style over the other you can get a better boxer than an mma and vice versa there style wont matter only their dedication, training and yes cheesy as it sounds their fighting spirit, and besides in a fight anything can happen . there problem solved

  13. BudoRuben says:

    If you wanna make a good KO than allways aim right on the head from the front,side,under,above,behind if you hit somebody not at the center like the Cheek the head will spin and and absorb the power by your twisting neck muscles
    If you puch right on the front,side,under,above,behind your neck can’t twist and absorb the shock much it can only go with the force or against it not twisting!

  14. PANDEMIC0808 says:

    your just saying what everyone already knows…
    verbal diarrhea ….

  15. shadowxwolfxsoul says:

    how about this, you get hit in the head it damages your brain, so protect your fucking head. I’ve hit many people in the head and watched them drop, and ive been hit in the head numbers of times.

  16. PANDEMIC0808 says:

    I have hit a dummy: Bob Century bag and i have hit people in the face while sparring. What is your point?

  17. S41ntsX3 says:

    20$ says you’ve never hit a dummy before.

  18. iR3477Yh8u says:

    yep im an idiot… like you said, it’s physics… if chin is tucked it sends the top of your head forward first thus striking the back… hit to the forehead it will hit the front first… same with hooks on the chin or temple… a strike to the chin makes like a sea-saw effect between your chin and the top of your head…get over yourself…

  19. PANDEMIC0808 says:

    Wow dude your a total moron. Seriously. Read the comment below. It does NOT matter if the chin is tucked in or not! The concept still applies idiot….

  20. iR3477Yh8u says:

    90% of the time if your hit on the chin your brain will hit the back because most fighters chins are downward protect the neck

  21. PANDEMIC0808 says:

    Dude, its basic physics… the brain is floating in cerebral fluid. When a person gets hit on the chin the head moves backwards but the brain stays in the same place until it is hit from the front of the skull. Basic concepts here. And later on in the National Geographic movie they show the Octogon only having 6 sides instead of 8. How on earth can they let this shit air without anyone catching these mistakes?? As I said: National Geographic = Group of retard “scientists”

  22. iR3477Yh8u says:

    Actually depends on where you get hit… If your hit on the chin, it hits the back first…

  23. PANDEMIC0808 says:

    national geographic = bunch of morons

    when hit from the front of the face, the brain hits the FRONT of the brain first THEN the back

  24. lleevvoonn says:


  25. LiuCubanito says:

    well said…