the science behind mixed martial arts part 6

| January 30, 2010

Fight Science the full episode! Featuring MMA fighters Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Dean Lister and Tito Ortiz.

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  1. HDsharp says:

    All a boxer needs a a few lessons on the ground game and learn how to sprawl!

    Anyways the debate is who is better athletes not who would win if they meet.

  2. BrotherBoresIsBest says:

    yeah, if they could so easily dominate they would go do two years of Boxing and make a hundred mil, rather than a couple years of mma where the avg. fighter might make 10 grand a fight.

  3. Gplex says:

    1291 pounds!

  4. ezrachoi says:

    boxers are only better in the ring. a mma figher will call a boxer out to the streets and call him a PUSSY. COME OUT TO THE STREETS BITCH! boxer will man up up to save his pride.. mma fighter takes him down to the ground bash his head a few times while his arms are locked up. boxer says come inside the ring bitch! MMA fighter says COME OUT ANYWHERE BITCH! STREETS, BACKYARD, BEACH, BAR 10 out of 10 times boxer will get taken down and beat down

  5. HDsharp says:

    if thats true you would see a lot of mma artist in the boxing ring, if like you say they’re that good…lol

    dont take everything face value in everything you see on these test, bet ya any boxer can hit just as hard if not harder than these folks here in the same weight class..

    and they would walk it, and earn the big bucks. whats stopping them? 🙂

  6. secret212000 says:

    now about durability, mma fighters have to build their bodies to a level where they can withstand devastating blows from those small gloves…now we can agree that boxers are better punchers but that’s because it’s their only tool, they still can’t take a hit from a mma fighter, their bodies just aren’t durable enough…mayweather would crumble so fast if faber cracked him in the face…never the other way around.

  7. secret212000 says:

    you’re saying that boxing is very competitive but you don’t state how…mma is just as competitive if not more, because it’s a multi-dimensional sport, you have to become a master in not just boxing, but also in kicking, knees, elbowing, clinching, groundgame(bjj, wrestling), all those things automatically make mma a lot more harder to master, and therefore more competitive. and nowadays everyone wants to learn every aspect of mma so there won’t be any holes in their game.

  8. HDsharp says:

    the point is the best will always gravitate where the money is, always, we live in a world run by money…i’m not bias, i’m just stating the facts, but i do think ufc is catching up, lets put it this way, boxing is very competitive, you have to be an elite athelete to reach the top, its a lot harder.

  9. secret212000 says:

    First of all, UFC is just an organization within the industry, there’s a lot more organizations out there. Secondly, Using money to define why boxing is better is beyond ridiculous, because mma is a young sport so of course boxing will have more money in it. Boxing has lost a lot of its thunder, maybe that’s why a lot of boxing fanatics like yourself make these comments on mma videos, you realize that its a less popular sport due to the meteoric rise of the sport of mma.

  10. HDsharp says:

    I’m not saying they arent, from what i’ve seen in the MMA most of them are lesser athletes. they move slower .boxing attracts the better athletes cos the big bucks are still in boxing.

  11. cwkinser says:

    just take up grappling? lol, that’s like just saying take up boxing. The olympic level wrestlers in MMA are every bit as awesome in their discipline as the boxers are in theirs.

  12. BillionDollaMan619 says:

    that chick so wanted to feel the power of bas if you know what i mean

  13. AnthonyTaylor1988 says:

    That’s so true, recov1

  14. sacredrage says:

    In general, a boxer has the advantage in a boxing match. The MMA fighter has the advantage in both an actual fight and, of course, in the MMA ring.

  15. FurShurr1316 says:


  16. stardingo747 says:

    pro athletes would not dream of injecting that stuff.

    yup; its ALL genetic………

  17. wjat89 says:

    You’re an idiot, doesnt take steroids to get that big, not at all, anyone can get that strong and big with training easily

  18. Tommy9834 says:

    That’s true, when people say MMA, they quickly think, takedowns and submissions. Yes the fact that MMA fighters have that in their arsenal gives them an edge, they also do have various striking. It’s this versatility that gives them the advantage over other types of fighters.

  19. stardingo747 says:

    1:55 – 2:00

    he forgot massive intakes of steroids.

  20. recov1 says:

    boxing is getting over run by mma. i have seen mma fighters go up against boxer just using there fist and the mma fighter comes out on top. there is alot more to mma then grappling

  21. HDsharp says:

    I think your’re wrong, I think MMA atheletes will have a hard time in the boxing ring if they arent allowed to grapple, becos they’re a lot slower, real boxers are just as quick and they’re wearing big gloves, consider that. I agree of course MMA will win in a fight against some one just using boxing alone cos they’re using more skills..that wasnt the point, the point I’m saying is the better atheletes are still in boxing..

  22. risingclaw says:

    ok I love mma but here is the truth Boxing is a fighting form and a sport and MMA is just a sport of many fighting forms . In truth there are some boxers in the sport of mma and if you put a Pro Boxer in a street fight with an MMA fighter he will lose how ever if you put a mma fight in a boxing there is a 50/50 chance he could win the same thing could be said for a MMA fighter in a boxing match .

  23. HDsharp says:

    alright its ‘grappling’ skills or whatever! stop being a snob.

    MMA= mix martial arts nothing more, yes I agree its the closest to actual fighting, but thats just a definition, it doesnt mean the best atheletes are in the UFC cos its obvious they’re not…the real big bucks are still in boxing..there is nothing special about UFC atheletes, all one has to do is take up grappling then you’re regarded as a… its that simple!

  24. jaydee3232 says:


  25. BrentDunnMMA says:

    aw yeh ‘glapperly skills’
    what kind og skill is that
    cause i sure havnt heard of no ‘glappery skills’
    MMA=actual fighting
    BOXING=silly agreement “we gonna fight but only use our hands”