Things You Must Not Do In Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) For MMA Fitness

| April 7, 2011

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has certain rules in competition matches for the protection of the fighter, so that he may continue to pursue MMA fitness when the match is done.  These rules largely pertain to the fighters’ safety.

Before the UFC there were virtually no rules and a fight could get so bloody that that its critics called it human cockfighting.  Definitely in those times, knowledge and conscientiousness about MMA fitness were not a priority.

Perhaps a version of this bloody fighting can be seen in the film “Sherlock Holmes”, where Sherlock deliberates over what body parts he will strike his enemy at, making use of his medical knowledge to determine the most vulnerable parts and inflicting damage on his opponent including three broken ribs.

Here is a list of techniques that are usually not allowed in official competitions due to the high risk of injury:

The headbutt.  This was frowned upon and is usually forbidden because with minimal effort, a match can get extremely bloody.  The headbutt allows wrestlers to quickly bring down the opponent to the ground, without the wrestler needing to alter their own position.
Eye gouging.  This is a good self defense technique, not just against a human assailant but against animal assaults, too.  But in UFC matches they have been thumbed down.  Eye gouging involves pressing or tearing the eye with your fingers or other instruments.  The UFC disallowed eye gouging because of the high risk of eye injury including permanent eye damage, which would obliterate hopes for future MMA fitness.
Hair pulling.  Certainly, MMA fitness is possible after the match, but this is frowned upon nonetheless and as one person said, it is so second grade.
Biting.  That is so second grade too.  Of course, in real life if nail biting would spell the difference in self preservation, it is okay to act like second grader.
Fish-hooking.  This involves inserting fingers into the mouth, nostrils or other open body parts of a person so that you can pull and tear the tissue within.  This is forbidden because of the high risk of permanent face and/or orifice damage.
Attacking the groin.  There are a lot of nerves in the groin so there is quick pain.  Also there is danger of breaking the pubic bone causing physical disability.
Striking the back of the head or spine.  The spine is where all the nerves are, including the spinal cord which is protected in the spinal canal.  In the past there used to be rabbit punches, where a blow was aimed at the base of the skull.  This can damage the cervical vertebrae and spinal cord and at its worst, can cause death.
Striking the trachea.  Because the trachea connects to the larynx, which allows air into the lungs, this can block air.  It is very dangerous and frowned upon.
Small joint manipulation.  In grappling, this may involve grabbing two fingers or toes, and then twisting, pulling or bending them in joint locks.

Other things you may not do:

In an MMA match, the ring is the X spot.  You may not deliberately toss your opponent out of the ring.
You may not run out of the ring.
You may not purposely hold the ring ropes.
You may not grab or place a hand inside the trunks of the opponent.  Use your imagination if you need an explanation.
If your opponent is on the ground, you may not strike his head using your knee.

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