Thou Art My Battle Axe.mp4

| May 30, 2010

Red Line strength and conditioning session. The session was run by Red Lines strength coach, Javier Dr Frankenstein Velez. It was a 45 minute session without breaks. It has been edited DOWN to just over eight minutes.

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  1. DieselTraining says:


    Those chains weigh 20 lbs a piece.

  2. DieselTraining says:


    I am Dr. Frankenstein. I’ve been trainin Wing since September/October of ’09

  3. DieselTraining says:


    Right now Wing trains at Parisi Speed School, Garwood NJ with me

  4. acclairlannanla says:

    how long was that workout?

  5. alphonsoscorsone15 says:

    the competition better step it up

  6. waldocantadorew says:


  7. marshallthomanm says:


  8. beauhemminger says:

    very motivating

  9. beauhemminger12 says:

    Where does wing trane at?

  10. wwyattbissett says:

    Holy shit

  11. rooseveltjordonr says:

    I got into better shape just watching that video

  12. ccarmensaltful12 says:

    impressive…no insanely impressive!

  13. mickeyriddlesm says:

    Wings not messing around with his preparation.

  14. yesintr69 says:

    e word, he’s not human

  15. cretchen09 says:

    that workout would kill me

  16. tigresand1234 says:


  17. nowandthen1101 says:

    I saw the other video “the man who made a monster” this one is much better.

  18. goodfatherhand says:

    RED LINE!!!

  19. firstladies09 says:

    how much weights on the sleds?

  20. aouihhhh says:

    Who is “Doctor Frankenstein”?

  21. dauquahuhu says:

    how many days a week do you train?

  22. bietchetlien2 says:

    how much do the chains weigh?

  23. waterpowerextract says:

    That’s a pro athlete

  24. jerseymp says:

    Thats why your going to number one brother!!

  25. mrkurd says:

    fucking very good