UFC® 100: Preview

| August 22, 2010

It’s the biggest event in mixed martial arts history, and for UFC® 100, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is bringing out the big guns. Two championships will be on the line when UFC® heavyweight title holder Brock Lesnar defends his crown against rival Frank Mir in their long-awaited grudge match, and UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre puts his belt up for grabs against Brazilian knockout artist Thiago “Pitbull” Alves. Also, The Ultimate Fighter coaches collide as Dan Henderson takes on Michael “The Count” Bisping in a pivotal middleweight showdown. Watch on Pay-Per View, Yahoo! Sports, and UFC.com. www.ufc.com

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  1. MMAonline24 says:

    Hey guys, i have the complete UFC event collection on DVD (UFC 1 – UFC 117) + UFC fight night collection (fight night 1 – fight night 21) + the ultimate fighter collection (season 1 – season 11), if you are interested in buying, then send me a message.

  2. Tristanlom says:

    63 persons without balls don’t like this video

  3. WhosAtroll says:

    why they call it UFC now?? wat was wrong with the name WWE??

  4. radysanantonio says:


  5. gygyghuhhyu says:

    watch ufc streams at watchufcstream com just add a peri0d

  6. martincabz says:


  7. ValkonOrDeath says:

    @0ddzZz yes man i thought that it was fake but is not!!! ufc is better than wwe

  8. pacholito24 says:

    @Devon187 he was called the decision dan in the early ufc when he fought newton and goess,afterwards in pride his matches were always exciting,his matches with wanderlei were awesome and with rampage and franklin also and every other in pride were superb,so u dont know shit

  9. Kino483 says:


  10. Devon187 says:

    @pacholito24 before he wreck’d Bisping he was boring… his nickname was Dan “Decision” Henderson for a while… u just hopped on the beat bisping hype train.

  11. TKORob says:

    Whats the track with the guitar played at 6:00 called, anyone know? need it for my vid

  12. karan6 says:

    @SharinganWarrior141 How are any of those guys aside from Mir that he has fought been top ranked, cotoure sure was great but his time is long gone an brock was huge compared to him….but Like I said we will see when He fights Carwin, an Shane shocks the world!

  13. SharinganWarrior141 says:

    @karan6 Dude you look at the fights not the fighter. And plus in his first five fights he had some of the absolute top ranked heavyweights in the world.

  14. karan6 says:

    K fuck Brock Seriously He has beaten Heath Herring Not that big of a deal, an Older much much smaller Coture, an yea he beat Mir bad in this fight but Mir was cocky an it took him 2 rounds to beat him…….Carwin knocked out a 265 Mir in the first round…..Yea Brock Get Ready for your first Real Test (an I was a fan of him in the WWE)

  15. steviewossobama says:

    GSP is the p4p king

  16. travvvvvvvvv says:

    not this time!!hahahaha

  17. pacholito24 says:

    emelianenko fedor all the way all say long 24/7,best heavyweight fighter on the world right now and dan henderson is super exciting every fight,he aint boring

  18. tobywushu says:

    Yeah please whats the song?

  19. 1DAMO69 says:

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  20. ekigonza says:

    thes song when rogan introduce thiago at 5:59?

  21. schuyler97g says:

    @OCcrazy1 true!!

  22. OCcrazy1 says:

    whats wrong with that he can back it up

  23. best1934 says:

    he can’t fight brock lesner is the best fighter

  24. schuyler97g says:

    i mean brock lesnar is good in all but he has a mouth like tito ortiz

  25. fatapprentice says:

    I just like frank mir better.