UFC 79: Liddell vs Silva, St-Pierre vs Hughes

| February 5, 2010

79.ufc.com – UFC 79 NEMESIS on Saturday, December 29 on Pay-Per-View – Georges “Rush” St-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes for the UFC Interim Welterweight Championship, and Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell vs. Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva in a mixed martial arts fan’s dream match. Plus, the UFC debut of Sokoudjou who faces Lyoto Machida. PREVIEW THE FIGHTS on MTV2, Friday 12/27 at 10pm.

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  1. predadordemarea says:

    @andreboy1 Care with her husband!!

  2. andreboy1 says:

    that girl is just selling her body

  3. miri12008 says:

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  4. Ndnpker08 says:

    silva gunna fuc him up lmao

  5. ligonchoi says:

    Thanks for yours!
    Recommending ‘kp bag’…

  6. YeahClickClack says:

    this fight was so big even with both these guys career going down hill,imagine how crazy it would of been if these two fought in their primes.

  7. PebofipuhRoxagaz says:

    I cant get this video out of my head-> tiny[dot]cc/whores607

  8. StaySmartGE says:

    Rampage is coming back to finish his contract against Evans.

  9. NenaIssa says:

    GSP rulleezzz!!!

  10. WypacirNiweha says:

    high quality whores – tiny[.]cc/whores607

  11. cashmoney185 says:

    all white fighter

  12. JJ68Czechmate says:

    for the people making lists below me… how do you not have Anderson Silva?

  13. mmadocumentaries says:

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  14. vamdam2k says:

    layoto machida bes fighter tChampionship,

  15. lauli39 says:

    @DeathDivide, but as for me in the ufc:
    1. Rampage Jackson(even though hes gone)
    2. Vitor Belfort
    3. Chuck Liddell
    4. Randy Couture
    5. George St. Pierre

  16. msteacy1975 says:

    Don’t worry the right man is out there for you. Take care and God bless you and yours.

  17. lyrproyectos says:

    que cagada de propaganda

  18. Teengenerate77 says:

    Strikeforce needs to find a contender for Mousasi they have no LHW’s right now that would give him a run for his money.

  19. Teengenerate77 says:

    Nice man

  20. SherAFG says:

    1. Mousasi
    2. Machida
    3. Shogun
    4. Evans
    4. Noguiera
    5. griffin
    6. Rampage

  21. eminem4ever1001 says:

    yeah i do have 2 agree with u

  22. Teengenerate77 says:

    No Way
    5.Rogerio Nogueira
    I think most people would agree with that I like Rashad though.

  23. eminem4ever1001 says:

    rashad evans is the best light heavy weight fighter

  24. spaceace3001 says:

    Get ready for action.

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  25. mrbaseball1011 says:

    haha he would kill yo little ass