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| December 11, 2010

UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is an organization which is based on mixed martial arts, MMA. It is presently acknowledged as the largest MMA promotion in the world.The headquarters of the UFC is in Las Vagas, Nevada, and it is owned and run by Zuffa, LLC.

This single-event tournament, was based upon Brazlian vale tudo fighting, no matter what their style was, its’ aim was to find the world’s finest fighters. Fighting in the UFC was marketed as no holds barred, though there were a few limited rules, the contests were often violent.

Accusations of brutality were leveled against the UFC by Senator John Macain and others, accusing them of “human cock fighting”, as it had less sport and more show. The UFC went underground as political pressures mounted. they almost disappeared from the public’s visibility.

The UFC has since them emerged as a legitimate sporting event, after imposing stricter rules and dropping the no holds barred label and now carries the banner of mixed martial arts. The UFC has emerged from political isolation and has become acceptable, socially. It has also regained its position in pay-per-view.

UFC can be now seen in 34 countries worldwide, and with a cable television deal that has expanded into Canada, Europe and new markets within the United States.UFC has witnessed a remarkable increase in popularity, and also with immense media coverage.

Art Davie, a California advertising executive was the key person who thought of an organization to hold tournaments to discover the world’s best fighting style, and in doing so he met Rorion Gracie in 1991, while researching martial arts for a marketing client. Gracie ran a Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu school in Torrance, California.

The Gracie family had a long association of vale-tudo– matches a precursor of mixed martial arts-in Brazil, Davie became Gracie’s student.

In 1992 Davie proposed an eight man, single-elimination UFC tournament with a working title of War of the Worlds to Rorion Gracie and John Milius, as he was inspired by the Gracies in Action video series which featured various martial arts masters being defeated using Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

The UFC tournament would feature martial artists from different categories as opponents to verify as to which martial art was genuinely the best, which could replicate the thrill of the matches he saw on those videos.

Milius, a noted film director and also a Gracie student, agreed to be the UFC event’s creative director. Davie and twenty-eight investors contributed to start WOW promotions, in order to develop the UFC tournament into a television franchise.

In 1993, WOW were searching for a television partner and contacted a few pay-per-view producers, SEG a pioneer in pay-per-view accepted and became WOW’s partner in May 1993.

Jason Cusson the film art director designed the trademarked “Octagon” a signature piece for the event and remained the Production Designer through UFC 27. SEG devised the name for the show as The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The UFC organizors were looking for answers, as to whether a fighter can be uni-skilled, as, Can a boxer beat a wrestler? As normally fighters had little experience against opponents with different skills.Some fighters used to inflate their credentials as well to legalize their presence.

As such was the case of Kimo Leopold, who touted in UFC 3 as a “third degree black belt” in Tae Kwon Do.Kimo’s fighting was freestyle and he holds no such rank. UFC rules were originally established by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board.

The Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts has been adopted by many other promotions within the United States, now these rules have become a standard set of rules for professional mixed martial arts across the country.

In a UFC competition every round is five minutes in duration. Title matches have five such rounds, and non-title matches have three rounds, with a one minute rest period between rounds.

The UFC holds its fights in an octagonal caged enclosure. “The Octagon” formally, SEG trademarked The Octagon and discouraged other mixed martial arts promotions from using the same type of cage, nut in 2001, Zuffa allowed other promotions to use octagonal cages, but reserved the use of the name.

The cage has an eight-sided structure the walls being of metal chain-link fence coated with black vinyl and a diameter of 32ft, with a 30ft space from point to point.The height of the fence is 5’6″to 5’8″.The cage is placed on top of a platform, elevating it 4ft from the ground.

It also has foam padding around the top of the fence and between each of the eight sections. And it has two entry and exit gates. All UFC competitors must fight in approved shorts and without shoes.

And competitors must use approved light gloves to avoid the risk of injury. Previously UFC many time champion, wore a jiu-jitsu gi in all his early appearances. But now competitors must abide by the rules regarding UFC attire on stage.
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