UFC Fighters Experience Marine Corps Martial Arts

| October 9, 2010

On a recent trip to the Martial Arts Center of Excellence (MACE) at Marine Corps Base Quantico, UFC fighters Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans, Gabriel Gonzaga, Marcus Davis, and former Marine Brian Stann, along with UFC president Dana White, experienced some of the Marine Corps’ rigorous martial arts training. These elite cage fighters learned that the physical and mental demands required of elite war fighters are only met by those dedicated enough to become part of the Few and the Proud. For more information on the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, visit bit.ly

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  1. wtjracer13 says:


  2. Llenclyen says:

    @wtjracer13 Good luck.

  3. wtjracer13 says:

    Video is motivating! OOH RAHH!! I leave for boot camp oct 12th, 2010. Can’t wait to be a marine. Mos is RECON!

  4. bluehavencd says:

    @xTyrRanT I believe so…..not everyone can pass their Boot Camp.

  5. chevygearhead454 says:

    @hotboy8769 Oh, well I thought I read or saw a video that said differently is why I said that about MCMAP, but my mistake, thats awesome that your a Marine im enlisting in march and cant wait

  6. hotboy8769 says:

    Actually every Marine learns the same MCMAP program, however you are partially correct in that they learn some other more in depth combat skills but the hand to hand is the same.

    Source: I am a US Marine Corporal

  7. LtActionCam says:

    @xTyrRanT And Recon Marines are ninjaz! 😀

  8. mistermime122 says:

    A Monk wins without weapons.

  9. ringer454 says:

    @xTyrRanT They’re a modern day samu-spartan.

  10. gman586 says:

    3:22 Nervous laugh.

  11. biftor says:

    @griswaldNhtown im not saying they aint noble or tough,

    They have chins like anyone else and guys like Mike Tyson or Wladmier Klitchsko would dangeorusly knock there brains unconcious especially with no gloves on.

  12. synergymmainfo says:

    This grip is used to show how untrained or differently trained enemies would be dealt with.

  13. xXBlu3Haz3Xx says:


  14. jonathantranq1 says:

    why cabt the guy join

  15. cleon24769 says:

    Always cheat; always win. In an actual battlefield, the only fair fight is the one you walk away from.

  16. chevygearhead454 says:

    @carson0524 every MOS has a form of this but the 0300 class goes to the school of infantry for 2 months after boot camp and learns more in depth combat skills

  17. Jaahaah says:

    Marines are never taught how to fight with knives using a hammergrip, that is a techinque for the untrained, eaither these marines are poorly trained, trainees or just a fake clip, I doubt its fake

  18. carson0524 says:

    What MOS’s go to this school? or does every MOS go here?

  19. griswaldNhtown says:

    @biftor ignorance of ANY military martial arts is not bliss. with what leicamaster above posts, there are NO RULES for these guys. the would totally fucking wreck any bullshit fantasy fight between military (esp. marines) and mma fighters. they fight like their lives are stake, not their crock-o-shit reputation and lifetime record. you obviously personally don’t know or have anyone in your family who has ever served, otherwise wouldn’t be saying the things that you are saying.blissless ignorance

  20. leicamaster says:

    MMA fighters don’t train to kill and they train with the rules in mind. Two different mind sets and skills. Just accept it.

  21. biftor says:


    Marines with (no weapons) have no chance against a half good MMA fighter

    MMA fighters spends there life studying and training in fighting.


    2:27 was sick

  23. HazeGreyAndUnderway says:

    @biftor hahaha bullshit, a marine would fucking destroy an maa fighter

  24. demoskunk says:

    Stomp kicks are more effective in combat than shin kicks. A stomp kick can put your opponent on the ground. A Muy Thai style shin kick can break your shin.

  25. xTyrRanT says:

    Does anyone else think that a Marine is a modern day Samurai?

  26. Going to be an AWESOME fight night!