Vale Tudo Shorts – Jiu-Jitsu & No-gi Grappling, Black, X-Large

| February 13, 2010

  • Quality spandex / polyester blend (80/20)
  • Short (mid-thigh) length
  • Sung but comfortable fit
  • Fully lined with an elasticized drawstring waist
  • Machine washable

Product Description
These are perfect Jiu-Jitsu / Vale-Tudo / No-gi shorts. They carry the Piranha Gear brand logo on the front of the right leg and across the back.

They are made of a heavy spandex/poly blend and are fully lined with a softer nylon fabric. Cuffed at the thigh to make them stand up to heavy workouts and lots of washes (but without cutting off the circulation to your legs – though if you have especially large legs (congratulations) you might consider going up one size).

Why the heck are shorts this good this cheap?? Because, like all our gear, it’s made just for us. No middleman, no giant marketing and sales staff, no giant affiliate program to support. We use this stuff too and roll our eyes at some of those prices. This is one time that you really do get the savings!

Vale Tudo Shorts – Jiu-Jitsu & No-gi Grappling, Black, X-Large

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Category: MMA Shorts

Comments (4)

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  1. Awesome shorts! Very comfortable and very well made. They fit perfectly and are great for training, grappling, and whatever else you need them for! Highest quality shorts I’ve used, and thats including some very expensive tapout and other name brand gear
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. D. Elliott says:

    These Shorts are great if you enjoy grappling and/or submission wrestling. If you are looking for a good fit, these are the shorts for you if you are into grappling/submission wrestling. They move with you and do not ride up.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I actually bought these to swim in since nothing else out there appealed to me. Yuk to speedos and board shorts. This on the otherhand is perfect. Snug, medium waist height and medium leg length. Well constructed too.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. These shorts are awesome, period. The cut is nice and the draw string in the waist is a plus for sizing/fitting.
    Rating: 5 / 5