Yoga For Fighters: Shoulder Openers (Breathing) for for Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts……Please Rate this Video & Tell Me What you Think below

| September 27, 2010 Phil Migliarese Demonstates a few shoulder stretches…. This is Sport Specific Yoga for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martail Arts (MMA) by Phil Migliarese. the Owner of Balance Studios in Philadelphia, PA. This Video also includes Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Yoga Breathing

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  1. JiuJitsuMatrix says:

    @hekoka Post your address, I will send you a copy

  2. hekoka says:

    it is ridiculous and downright nefarious how these “bloodsuckers” attempt to rob you blind of your hard earned cash. $50 dollars for a dvd which costs $2. i would guess in the USA it probably costs around $5 to attend a yoga class in your local sportscentre. for that price you could get 10 classes under the supervision of a qualified instructor then you could go home and practice on your own for free.

  3. RightWingCon81 says:

    Why would anyone pay $50 for a dvd which shows a form of yoga which is as standard as ashtranga? Go to walmart and get a video for $15

  4. rcunhaoliveira says:

    yoga & jiu-jitsu,tudo a ver.

  5. johanflod says:

    I hope that people go to real life yoga lessons with an authorised professional. Look for the 200 Hour Standards which is issued by Yoga Alliance. This guy does the shoulder stretch in the lotus pose just to show of. This is like trying to run a marathon at the same time as you are writing a novel. The lotus pose is one thing and the arm stretch is another. search for “Cow Face pose” if you want a good stretch for the shoulder . I am 100 % sure you can improve your jiu jitsu with yoga.

  6. scarface2045 says:

    not bad. i never really thought of using a belt to help stretch.

  7. cspace1234nz says:

    Great exercise but it has little or nothing to do with yoga.

  8. JesusQc2890 says:

    nice exercise i love !!!

  9. fixboy2 says:

    very good video

  10. thrashdouche21 says:

    fantabulous damn!

  11. TaeIeon says:

    this was good

  12. trisoma1 says:

    Great video- I’ll have to share this with our outrigger paddlers. I paddle and also practice martial arts, and perform barefoot deep tissue therapy on tough guys. You should check out our vids too.

  13. Peekingduck says:

    Very useful


  14. AVINASHHA says:


    grazie namaskar

  15. SafeLotus says:

    Incredible. Especially the shoulder forearm wrist stretch. Thanks for the tip, i now feel more control over my hands, arms, and shoulders.

  16. 6blackdude6 says:

    dam thats the shit

  17. ElGatow says:

    Fantastic! Can’t for the DVD’s Phil!

  18. PerMagOls says:

    This is really cool!
    I would like to get on this program.
    Have been doing MMA for about a year.
    Have recently started doing ashtanga yoga.

  19. Eric3Frog says:

    Thanks for producing good free info Phil! It is nice to have a BJJ brother sharing good stuff.
    I am sure that your product is great, since the free info is so good. I hope many schools put your info into practice.

  20. mattoccia2 says:

    Molto benne

  21. liquidhead says:

    come on now, Hart’s good people…

  22. JiuJitsuMatrix says:

    lol…. he never learns… someone talk to him for me please

  23. yepitsmatt says:

    Timmy = Francis Ford Coppola